Frequently asked questions

1. How much does it cost to join The Wedding Supplier Network and am I locked into a contract?

2. Can I try the business admin tools for free?

3. Okay, I’m signed up, what now?

4. I'm wary about adding my customer details. What about data protection?

5. Is there an export option for my business information?

6. Can I import my current contact database from a spreadsheet or another system that I am using?

7. How do I collect customer reviews for my business profile?

8. The Wedding Supplier Network sounds great but technology and I do not mix well!

9. What can your optional extras offer me?

10. Why should I use Online Live Chat managed by you?

11. What happens if you are unable to answer a question one of my customers asks via telephone or Online Live Chat?

12. When can you manage my telephone calls and Online Live Chat?

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